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A Certain Sacrifice (1979):

Director: Jon Lewicki
Madonna’s Part: Bruna




Vision Quest (1985):

Director: Harold Becker

Madonna’s Part: Singer at Club




Desperately Seeking Susan (1985):

Director: Susan Seidelman

Madonna’s Part: Susan


Madonna/Desperately Seeking Susan


Recherche Susan désespérément 1985




Shanghai Surprise (1987):

Director: Jim Goddard

Madonna’s Part: Gloria Tatlock 




Who’s That Girl (1987):

Director: James Foley

Madonna’s Part: Nikki Finn



Bloodhounds Of Broadway (1989):

Director: Howard Brookner
Madonna’s Part: Hortense Hathaway (lounge singer)



Dick Tracy (1990):
Director: Warren Beatty
Madonna’s Part: Breathless Mahoney 




Truth Or Dare (1991):

Director: Alek Keshishian
Madonna’s Part: Herself





Shadows and Fog (1992):
Director: Woody Allen

Madonna’s Part: Marie





A League Of Their Own (1992):
Director: Penny Marshall

Madonna’s Part: Mae Mordabito (center field)



Body Of Evidence (1992):

Director: Uli Edel

Madonna’s Part: Rebecca Carlson



Dangerous Game (1993):
Director: Abel Ferrara

Madonna’s Part: Sarah Jennings




Four Rooms (1995):

Director: Quentin Tarantino, Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, and Robert Rodriguez
Madonna’s Part: Elspeth (witch in the segment called ‘The Missing Ingredient’) 




Blue In The Face (1995):
Director: Paul Auster and Wayne Wang

Madonna’s Part: Singing Telegram



Girl 6 (1996):

Director: Spike Lee
Madonna’s Part: Boss of Phone Sex Operation 




Evita (1996):

Director: Alan Parker
Madonna’s Part: Eva Peron




The Next Best Thing (2000):

Director: John Schlesinger
Madonna’s Part: Abbie Reynolds 




Swept Away (2002):

Director: Guy Ritchie

Madonna’s Part: Amber Leighton


Film Thumbnail


Die Another Day (2002):

Director: Lee Tamahori
Musical Contribution: Theme song, ‘Die Another Day’





I’m Going To Tell You A Secret (2005):
Director: Jonas Akerlund
Madonna’s Part: Plays Herself




Arthur and the Minimoys (2006):
Director: Luc Besson

Madonna’s Part: Voice of Princess Selenia





  Filth & Wisdom (2008)
(Obscénité et Vertu)

 Director: Madonna





I Am Because We Are, (2009)
Director: Nathan Rissman



 Madonna et le cinéma...


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W.E. (2011)

 Director: Madonna


Madonna/Wallis Simpson

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