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29 mai 2010 6 29 /05 /mai /2010 12:35

1998 Marc Jacobs Fashion Show




Drowned World/Substitute For Love Video Shoot


dwsfl_video_onset1tn.jpg  dwsfl_video_onset2tn.jpg  dwsfl_video_onset3tn.jpg 


During The Drowned World/Substitute For Love Video Shoot


dwsfl_onset_ns1tn.jpg  dwsfl_onset_ns2tn.jpg  dwsfl_onset_ns3tn.jpg  dwsfl_onset_ns4tn.jpg 


Ray Of Light - Video


rol_video1tn.jpg  rol_video2tn.jpg  rol_video3tn.jpg  rol_video4tn.jpg  rol_video5tn.jpg 

rol_video6tn.jpg  rol_video7tn.jpg  rol_video_ns1tn.jpg  rol_video_ns2tn.jpg 


Ray Of Light- On-Set


rol_makeup1tn.jpg  rol_makeup2tn.jpg  rol_onset1tn.jpg  rol_onset2tn.jpg  rol_onset3tn.jpg  rol_onset4tn.jpg  rol_onset5tn.jpg 


The Rosie O'Donnell Show




Ray Of Light - Promotion


rol_launch_ns1tn.jpg  rol_launch_ns2tn.jpg  rol_press1tn.jpg 


Frozen - Video


frozen1tn.jpg  frozen_ns1tn.jpg 


San Remo Music Festival - Performing Frozen


sanremo_arrive_ns1tn.jpg  sanremo_show1tn.jpg  sanremo_show2tn.jpg  sanremo_show3tn.jpg  sanremo_show4tn.jpg  sanremo_show5tn.jpg  sanremo_show6tn.jpg 

sanremo_show7tn.jpg  sanremo_show_ns1tn.jpg  sanremo_show_ns2tn.jpg  sanremo_show_ns3tn.jpg  sanremo_show_ns4tn.jpg  sanremo_show_ns5tn.jpg 


With Mark McGrath




With Warren Beatty




Wetten Das TV Program


wettendas1tn.jpg  wettendas2tn.jpg  wettendas_ns1tn.jpg  wettendas_ns2tn.jpg  wettendas_ns3tn.jpg  wettendas_ns4tn.jpg  wettendas_show_ns1tn.jpg 


Wide Awake Premiere With Rosie O'Donnell


wideawake1tn.jpg  wideawake2tn.jpg  wideawake3tn.jpg  wideawake4tn.jpg


These pictures were published in the January 1999 issue of
German magazine Amica. All pictures, except for the first one,
also appeared in Rolling Stone, but these are much bigger.



lachapelle1tn.jpg  lachapelle2tn.jpg


A Black Eye With Willem Dafoe


willemdafoe1tn.jpg  willemdafoe2tn.jpg 


With Lourdes


lourdes_bag_ns1tn.jpg  lourdes_concert1tn.jpg  lourdes_concert2tn.jpg  lourdes_hair1tn.jpg  lourdes_hair2tn.jpg  lourdes_hair3tn.jpg  lourdes_hair4tn.jpg  lourdes_pink1tn.jpg 

lourdes_sunglasses1tn.jpg  lourdes_sunglasses2tn.jpg  lourdes_sunglasses3tn.jpg  lourdes_white1tn.jpg  lourdes_white2tn.jpg  lourdes_white3tn.jpg  lourdes_white4tn.jpg  lourdes_bottle1tn.jpg 


The Big Breakfast TV Interview With Johnny Vaughan - UK




MTV European Music Awards - Arriving For The Show


emtv_arrive1tn.jpg  emtv_arrive2tn.jpg  emtv_arrive_ns1tn.jpg 


MTV European Music Awards


emtv1tn.jpg  emtv2tn.jpg  emtv3tn.jpg  emtv4tn.jpg  emtv5tn.jpg 

emtv6tn.jpg  emtv7tn.jpg  emtv_ns1tn.jpg  emtv_award_ns1tn.jpg  emtv_award_ns2tn.jpg 


MTV European Music Awards - Performing The Power Of Goodbye




MTV European Music Awards - With Dolce And Gabbana




MTV Video Music Awards - Skit With Ben Stiller




MTV Video Music Awards


mtv1tn.jpg  mtv2tn.jpg  mtv3tn.jpg  mtv4tn.jpg  mtv5tn.jpg  mtv6tn.jpg  mtv7tn.jpg 

mtv8tn.jpg  mtv9tn.jpg  mtv10tn.jpg  mtv_ns1tn.jpg  mtv_ns2tn.jpg  mtv_ns3tn.jpg  mtv_ns4tn.jpg 


MTV Video Music Awards - Receiving An Award For Ray Of Light


mtv_award1tn.jpg  mtv_award2tn.jpg 


MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage


mtv_backstage1tn.jpg  mtv_backstage2tn.jpg  mtv_backstage3tn.jpg  mtv_backstage_ns1tn.jpg 


MTV Video Music Awards - Performing Shanti/Ashtangi And Ray Of Light


mtv_shanti1tn.jpg  mtv_shanti2tn.jpg  mtv_shanti_ns1tn.jpg  mtv_ray_ns1tn.jpg  mtv_ray_ns2tn.jpg 

mtv_ray_ns3tn.jpg  mtv_ray_ns4tn.jpg  mtv_ray_ns5tn.jpg  mtv_ray_ns6tn.jpg 


Picture By Margit Berner - NRJ Radio Station - Paris




AIDS Project - Los Angeles


event_aids1tn.jpg  event_aids2tn.jpg  event_aids3tn.jpg  event_aids4tn.jpg  event_aids5tn.jpg 


Arriving At Heathrow Airport




GQ Awards - Presenting An Award To Sting


gq1tn.jpg  gq2tn.jpg  gq3tn.jpg  gq4tn.jpg  gq_ns1tn.jpg  gq_ns2tn.jpg  gq_ns3tn.jpg  gq_ns4tn.jpg 


VH1 Fashion Awards - With Donatella Versace And Sting


vh1_blue1tn.jpg  vh1_blue2tn.jpg  vh1_blue3tn.jpg 


VH1 Fashion Awards - Presenting And Receiving An Award


vh1_yellow1tn.jpg  vh1_yellow2tn.jpg  vh1_yellow3tn.jpg  vh1_yellow4tn.jpg  vh1_yellow5tn.jpg  vh1_award_ns1tn.jpg 

vh1_yellow6tn.jpg  vh1_yellow7tn.jpg  vh1_yellow8tn.jpg  vh1_yellow9tn.jpg  vh1_yellow10tn.jpg 


VH1 Fashion Awards - Performing The Power Of Goodbye


vh1_show1tn.jpg  vh1_show2tn.jpg 


Mario Testino Vanity Fair Outtake




Madonna with Rupert Everett, who was the presenter of
the VH1 documentary Madonna Rising, and also
appears alongside Madonna in The Next Best Thing.




With Warren Beatty.




With Swedish television show host Kristian Luuk.




All black.




With Rosie O'Donnell.




From a Norwegian television interview.




Other Pictures


artemisia1tn.jpg  artemisia2tn.jpg  cropped1tn.jpg  face1tn.jpg  face2tn.jpg  face3tn.jpg  face4tn.jpg  floral1tn.jpg 

hair_braid1tn.jpg  hair_brown1tn.jpg  hair_brown_hide1tn.jpg  hair_do1tn.jpg  hair_do2tn.jpg  handbag1tn.jpg  hat1tn.jpg  nyc_white1tn.jpg 

sunglasses_ns1tn.jpg  tracksuit1tn.jpg  tracksuit2tn.jpg  vest1tn.jpg  vest2tn.jpg  violincase1tn.jpg

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